Value Proposition

Our Value Proposition is simple:

each client should receive at least 100% ROI per year on their entire investment in Sustainability.

Money-Back Guarantee.

If a client does not think they received sufficient value from our consulting efforts, they can ask us to:
  • Perform additional services, at no cost, to provide the value they expected, or
  • Refund up to 100% of their investment in our services.
You wonder, “Who are these guys?” How can we be so confident of the results that you’ll achieve? Check us out on the About SPI tab.

And then peruse the list of companies and organizations that we have served thus far in the Clients Served tab. Big, medium, or small, for-profit, not-for-profit, or government, we’ve been there, done that, and we will tailor that wealth of experience to your situation.

Want to learn more?

You can do some reading if you wish: check out our Resources page.
Or you can Contact Us to start a dialogue. No cost or obligation, of course.
Or you can check out our Events page to learn where we’ll be speaking next.

Our “perfect” client:

The most important characteristic is the attitude of their senior leadership team: they are willing to dialogue about non-conventional ways of leading, to help their company, their employees, and their communities thrive.

We prefer to serve clients that are privately  held or are relatively autonomous divisions of a larger company, so that the local leadership has the authority to implement sustainability successfully.

And small to mid-sized organizations (between 50-1000 employees) can implement the changes more quickly and easily.

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