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An activity is sustainable if it can be continued indefinitely. Using that definition, we want our businesses, our communities, and our world to be sustainable. Sustainability is not just about “Green”, at the expense of everything else. It is the balancing act of the Triple Bottom Line:

  • Profit, and
  • People, and
  • Planet
There are 3 reasons to start implementing Sustainability in your organization as quickly as possible. To:

1. Thrive

Thrive while your competitors fall by the wayside. In 5-10 years, the leaders in almost every industry will be those companies that have implemented Sustainability. They will command the

  • best customers,
  • best talent,
  • best suppliers, and
  • best financing.
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2. Double your profits and investor ROI

Double your profits and your ROI for your owners/shareholders. Sustainable companies achieve better financial results in the short, medium, and long terms.

3. Leave a Lasting Legacy

Leave a lasting legacy for your children and future generations.

In other words, your company can do very, very well by doing good.

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